The Purpose of the NABSTMC Montgomery, AL Chapter is to…


A.  Promote safe motorcycling.   

B.  Educate society regarding the Buffalo Soldiers (specifically the 9th and 10th Cavalry) and their contributions to American History.   

C.  Actively provide support and services to the local community including, but not limited to, assisting in soup kitchens, offering canned goods, various supplies and help to mentally/physically challenged children/adults, families in need and schools.   

D.  Foster unity and pride among brother and sister members.   

E.  Assist with providing educational opportunities through scholarship programs and other aid to under-privileged, disenfranchised students.   

F.  Provide financial assistance to local tax-exempt, non-profit organizations whose purpose, goals and objectives are in harmony with the purpose, mission and vision of the NABSTMC  Montgomery Chapter.